Sorors, welcome to The Delta Red Pages. On behalf of the National Program Planning and Development Committee, I am excited to present our first-ever searchable online directory of soror-owned businesses and nonprofit organizations. Our members are indeed taking care of business!


This innovative resource that not only supports the Sorority’s Economic Development Thrust, but it also enhances the visibility of soror-owned businesses and nonprofits, helps to facilitate generational wealth, and increases opportunities for member reclamation and retention.  It is an A to Z directory of resources and services that affirms and confirms Delta’s entrepreneurial and service-minded spirit.


As one who has owned a small business with my husband for 29 years, I commend the efforts of the sorors who have worked hard to establish their business or nonprofit. I know the effort that takes. And, while this is a comprehensive directory, we know there are others within our sisterhood who are not included, so we salute all of our soror entrepreneurs, business leaders and service providers. The Delta Red Pages is dedicated to your hard work and unwavering commitment to the principles of Financial Fortitude.


Finally, a special thanks is extended to the Economic Development Subcommittee of the National Program Planning and Development Committee, the National Technology Committee, and National Headquarters staff, for the collaborative spirit in which you all worked to design and launch The Delta Red Pages. Job well done!


Sorors, I encourage each of us to not only take a moment to search through The Delta Red Pages, but to also make a commitment to support one or more of these soror-led ventures.


Spread the word: The Delta Red Pages is here!


With Joy in Our Sisterhood,

Beverly E. Smith

Beverly Evans Smith

National President and CEO